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About Us

A Family History of Furniture Manufacturers

At Miller, we believe in family. So much so that each product within our entire ergonomic seating collection is named after a member of our family. The Felix chair is named after the Miller brothers’ father, Felix Miller Jr. who believed in engineering products that would perform under the test of time. Felix Miller Jr. manufactured and patented the first 500 lb. 24/7 ergonomic chair in 1991.

The Miller family has been in the furniture business for over 70 years. Beginning in the 1940s and 50s, Felix Miller Sr. sold and serviced woodworking machinery. In 1971, Miller Desk Company was created to provide the office furniture industry with the highest quality desk and office furniture. Then in 2008, Miller at Work© was established as a continuation of the superior products and work ethic from Miller Desk.

A Tradition of Listening to Our Customers

This motto served us well as Miller Desk and continues to do so as we have developed Miller at Work©. We listen to our customers about their needs and wants in a heavy-duty chair. Then we put those suggestions to work when we design our intensive use chairs. We make chairs that fit the full spectrum of height and weight sizes, so each and every one of your employees feels comfortable and secure when seated for a long shift. When you need ergonomic seating that can accommodate a person of above average height and weight, try the Rocky or Felix, which have been engineered to offer superior support and comfort. When you need 911 dispatch chairs that can adjust to fit most people, try the Tank or the Marcella. See for yourself just how well-designed these chairs are, all because we listen to our customers.

Miller at Work© has the capacity to produce specific features in seating, which has made our 24/7 big and tall heavy-duty seating explode throughout the industry.

To save you time and frustration, all of our chairs ship fully assembled. That means you won’t spend hours of aggravation trying to decipher assembly instructions, and you won’t be liable for an employee falling out of an improperly-assembled chair. And to take your protection a step further, Miller at Work© has raised the bar by carrying product liability insurance on every chair up to $2 million. That covers your company in the event of an employee injury due to an accident involving one of our chairs. We stand behind our products, so we go the extra mile to assure you that your employees are absolutely secure in our chairs.

Quality Ergonomic Seating that is Made in America

All of our products are made in America, more specifically in High Point, North Carolina. Being a part of the furniture capital of the world makes it possible for us to access the highest quality materials and parts for our products. It allows us to reach more customers and listen to their needs. It also fuels our passion for creating the best quality ergonomic seating because we share ideas with other cutting-edge furniture manufacturers in the area.

We pride ourselves on being an integral part of the local and national economy, both in supply and demand, endeavoring to use NC manufacturers wherever possible. 95% of our parts come from American manufacturers. Our family has always been proud to be an American-made business and our legacy will live on from generation to generation. And you, the customer, become a part of it when you purchase our furniture.


* All items and prices are available on the NC State Contract*

NC State Contract 420A Furniture all Types Bid # 201400059

GA State Contract # 99999-SPD0000100

Alabama State Contract # 4012012 for T390 / 2233882

Pennsylvania COSTARS 035-123


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